S4 Item Product Life Cycle

Intuitive Screens

Simple to use, easy to train.

"Built and designed specifically for the grocery industry"

Easy to use Item Maintenance

Control cost & pricing strategies across your stores

Item Information
Maintain item information for retail POS, inventory, like item pricing and reporting. Easily search, filter, sort item views and apply changes to a store or group of stores. Use exception reporting and alerts to maintain consistency of your Price Book.

Vendor Management
Manage vendor info, an authorized item list, regular and dated deal/allowance costs. Track purchase history and vendor performance. Support multiple vendors for a product at a store and different vendors for your various locations.

Pricing Strategies
Implement regular and sale pricing strategies across multiple zones of stores, flexing for different vendor costs, state tax structures, and competitive pressures. Use margin and rounding rules to calculate pricing.

Flexible Hosting
Ability to host Warehouse and DSD changes saving time and increased accuracy. Ability to connect to S4 Enterprise for multi-store retailers.

"Accurate costs & pricing, expected profitability"

Integrated Sign & Label

Extend your Price Book to signs and labels

Pricebook Integration
A shelf label or sale sign can be requested when making changes in your Price Book and then be batch-printed later.

Distributed Printing
Shelf labels and signs can be requested and printed at corporate office, at the store, or in-aisle with a belt printer.

Custom Labels
Use stock labels or customize your own. Stock label designs include shelf tags, nutrition fact labels, and recipe lists.

Eye Catching Advertising
Create sale signs that "pop" with graphics and "catchy" tag lines. Modify stock signs or customize your own line of ads.

"Price verify with the Mobile when hanging tags & signs"

Integrated Sign & Label

Control the flow of the sales-replenishment cycle

Receive Inventory
Manage product deliveries and returns, items & shippers. Account for items, packs and cases. Track transfers in and out of the store. Make adjustments to inventory with assigned reason codes.

Purchase Orders
Generate suggested orders based on sales history, QOH, on orders, daily velocity and inventory settings.

Inventory Counts
Perform scheduled partial or whole-store inventory counts. Add counts to the daily work flow to ensure compliance.

Accurately assess on-hand inventory and its value. Reconcile discrepancies and identify shrink. Minimize out-of-stock and over-stock conditions.

"Real-time Quantity on Hand"

Everything Mobile

Manage item changes, inventory and ordering while looking at Real Time sales history and quantity on hand

Mobile Main Menu, Inventory Menu, Item Verification, Assisted Ordering

"Store management in the palm of your hand"

Best in Class Platforms

Connecting your valuable data now and in the future

Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft SQL Server Express allows for greater data collection with the S4V7 Back Office up to 7 times more data and room to grow with other Microsoft SQL editions. SQL Managed database provides multi-user stability, and tools for expendability.

POS Connectivity
S4 Back Office Suite has a robust item and promotional engine for Your Point of Sale Systems. Along with best in class transaction processing analytics gives you efficiency and insight for your operation.

Scale Connectivity
Native communications to Ishida scales and connectivity to many others with 3rd party scale platforms.

Daily Store and Cashier Balancing

Enforce consistent business practices around financials and inventory

Daily Store Close uses scripted procedures to...
  • Balance cashier, shifts, and safe
  • Review inventory counts
  • Review retail changes
  • Run daily summary and reconciliation reports
  • Post the day's financials
... resulting in a uniform, consistent accounting of your business.

Tight Role-based Security

Customize and Control who does what


User Logins and Group
Manage secure user logins and passwords. Assign users to a role group, such as a cashier or manager.

Assign Permissions
Permissions are used to limit which modules, buttons, and data fields can be used by members of a role group.

Permission Types
Permissions for a Role group can render a module, button, or data field inactive or remove it altogether.

Custom Task Orders
Modules can be customized to move from function-to-function to guide users through repetitive tasks.

"Secure your business"