Customized solution for Fruits and Vegetable corners

Fresh products require highly qualitative digital price tags, able to display regulatory information and rich content for shoppers. As one of the most important categories of any grocery retailer, SES-imagotag developed a specific solution for Fruits & Vegetables to fit today’s requirements and future-proofing stores with a comprehensive solution.


Large display labels

Fresh shelves require precise information on Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs). SES-imagotag is able to answer the retailers’ specific needs with large sized high resolution displays showing the mandatory information and even more.

Fixtures and Accessories

SES-imagotag developed specific VUSION fixtures for Fruits & Vegetables corners to fit all retailers’ requirements. They are then able to adapt VUSION electronic shelf labels fruits and vegetables to any situations while ensuring a premium price and information display. VUSION Electronic Shelf Labels Fixtures are designed to be rotated, adapted and easily removable at any time. They fit perfectly with any shelf or fresh product display.

Anti-Theft and Anti-Fall System

SES-imagotag is well known for its patented Easylock Anti-Theft system that enables retailers to have fixed digital price tags and perfect merchandising plans which make their bad ROI nightmares a thing of the past.

Ensure a perfect price and information synchronization in your produce sections

Display mandatory regulatory information is an absolute requirement for all grocery retailers. VUSION allows stores to fully automate this process, thus freeing time for staff to focus on customer service, replenishment and other merchandising actions.

  • Pricing errors elimination (-100%)
  • Enhance competitiveness
  • Waste reduction (up to -30%)
  • Fast pricing updates
  • Regulatory information compliance
  • Rich content for shoppers

The broadest range of Electronic Shelf Labels