Develop your career with S4 - Software interns and entry level developers



Software 4 Retail Solutions is growing and is looking for software interns or entry level software developers in mobile and cloud-based applications for grocery and convenience store vertical markets.  You will be responsible for development tasks like designing, coding, testing and debugging user interfaces using standard concepts and principles for multiple applications in the retail data analysis / Business Intelligence domains.


We are looking for individuals who:

  • Have experience coding, ideally with Java Script and TypeScript utilizing Angular and Ionic frameworks.  HTML5 and CSS.  SQL databases, Microsoft Azure or other cloud platforms.  We believe great Software Engineers learn quickly.
  • Nice to have experience in or open to learn Electron, Kendo UI, HighCharts, D3.js, three.js, NoSQL, Machine Learning, Statistics.
  • Translate real-world problems into elegant code solutions. 
  • Understand the balancing act between crafting a robust, lasting solution and banging something out right now. 
  • Excited to have your work used by real people to solve real problems.
  • Hate the idea of being a cog in the machine—you want to own your features.
  • Have a passion for code. 
  • Participate in project planning for current and future S4 development needs. 

We are a loosely managed group because we are comprised of professional employees that can see and understand their responsibilities.  We believe culture matters and support one another.  We value new ideas and treat curiosity as a valuable trait.  Lastly, we are looking for people who can help us with our growth initiatives.

Just a little over view of our company:  Software 4 Retail Solutions (S4) is a branch office of Data Systems Inc in Omaha.  DSI is comprised of 30 different grocery, c-store and restaurant dealerships and over 500 associates that together is the largest independent POS provider in North America.  S4 is the only branch of DSI that writes and sells software that is resold by our dealers.  S4 has been in business since the mid 80’s and has written software that interfaces to all the main line cash register companies including: IBM, Casio, NCR, Retalix, Radiant, and several other interfaces to in the independent retail market.  We have software running in over 4,000 sites in the U.S, Canada, and the Caribbean.  Our two offices are located in the Aurora Nebraska and in Lincoln, Nebraska in Haymarket Square downtown.  Currently we have 16 people and growing, in the S4 offices.  Our products that we write, cover the range of technology that addresses all the retailers needs which include the following:

  • S4 Back Office is the program that maintains inventory control and pricing for all products in the store. It also imports new item information from warehouses and also reports on sales activity.
  • S4 Mobile is a thin client web program that can run on mobile devices that have a scanner that users can check in product in the store or print our labels.
  • S4 Enterprise is a suite of high-end products that are able to manage multi store environments in many locations.  It also provides a Microsoft SQL data warehouse for all transactions to be analyzed for sales information, track cashier fraud, and provide customer insights.
  • S4 Sign and Label printing software.
  • S4 Accounts Receivable store charging software.
  • S4 Vision real time mobile analytics.
  • S4 Insight Scan data collection services.

 Benefits would be that of:

  • Flexible Intern hours.
  • Competitive hourly pay.
  • Full Benefits package for full time employees.
  • Positive work environment.

If this is of interest to you, please send a resume to:   

Rick Goertzen  -  S4 General Manager


Office (844) 747-4400 ext. 110