About S4: Our Corporate Roots

S4 is the software development division of Data Systems, Inc. (DSI), the nation’s largest independent provider of electronic retail systems. For over 30 years, S4 has been developing software for the food and drug industry, retail and wholesale markets. Today we are highly recognized for our reliable, comprehensive backoffice software and professional support service. For over 50 years, our parent company, DSI, has been providing supermarket, convenience store, restaurant/fast food, and general retail and wholesale markets with state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions tailored to their needs. DSI serves thousands of customers across the United States through 23 regional Retail Data Systems and Point of Sale offices. Represented by over 400 highly trained professional staff, DSI is committed to customer satisfaction and is uniquely positioned to serve retailers into the future.

The S4 Network: Building Strategic Relationships

S4 supplies quality software and services through its long term partnerships with manufacturers, local resellers, and supermarket companies. Over the years, we have developed a strong dealer network in the U.S.A., Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean. We understand that our customers demand only the best. That is why we strive to establish a close working three-way relationship between our customers, our dealers and S4. From the very first moment of contact, we are committed to working with our dealers, listening to the customer’s needs, by providing the best solutions possible to fulfill those needs. Over the years, this tight networking strategy has worked well, and our customers’ success is evidence of it.

The S4 Way: Our Philosophy...

We believe that no matter what type of POS hardware our customers have, they should always be able to leverage their investment with quality software and service they can truly depend on. At the checkout counter, scanning a customer’s purchases. In the aisle, verifying their shelf prices. Or perhaps, receiving new products from a distributor, S4 will be greeting them like an old friend. Our focus to the future is to continue to serve our customers with improved products. Our goal is to make our best better, so our customers can be absolutely sure S4 will always be there for them.

The S4 Response: Our Solutions

We know there are many places retailers could go to for grocery applications. That is why at S4, we put forth an extraordinary effort to ensure that the solutions we provide our customers are only the very best. S4 solutions are state-of-the-art, flexible, and have connectivity to a variety of POS platforms. The quality of our products begins with our customers. We start by making sure we understand their needs by embarking on a one-on-one relationship. We work between S4, our dealers and the customer, striving for constant communication in order to deliver comprehensive solutions, tailored to real business needs. From initial contact, to training, to installation, implementation and support, S4 is there with committed people, quality software and professional service. S4 has been serving some of the best back office software to the independent grocery and general retail industry for many years. We have written software for...
- NCR/Retailix ISS45 V7 & V8
- ScanMaster
- S4 EzScan
Today, S4 delivers management software tools that retailers have been asking for since the advent of scanning. We take pride in our next generation line of software products, which unleash the power of POS to address critical retail management tasks.


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