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App Features

Grocery Analytics

S4Vision Grocery is a Software-as-a-Service tool that provides real-time reporting and analytics for grocery stores with modern point-of-sale systems.

Onboarding Registration

S4Vision's onboarding process involves completing an online registration form, providing basic information, and working with a representative to set up the tool.

Real-Time Data

S4Vision's data is updated every fifteen minutes and is accessible via desktop, tablet, or phone.

Data Analysis

S4Vision analyzes various types of data, including sales and trends, customer count, basket size, cashier performance, and self-checkout metrics.

Actionable Insights

S4Vision provides actionable information that helps store owners make meaningful decisions in a timely manner, improving store performance.

Cost-Effective Sharing

S4Vision has unlimited company users for the same cost, making it an efficient solution for sharing information with key personnel.