S4® Back Office

New! S4® Back Office Suite

Easy to Learn Simple to Use

We believe that the new S4® Back Office is the most intuitive version to date and the most efficient to operate in the industry. With more actionable information being required for today's retailers to make profitable decisions to be competitive, S4® has substantially increased its depth of functionality while building onto the ease of use that customers love

POS Connectivity

S4® Supports all Major POS types in the united states independent retail market. In the Grocery vertical S4® is interfaced with NCR ISS45 V7&V8, ScanMaster, LogiVision & IBM. In the C-Store vertical S4® is interfaced to the NCR Radiant RPOS.

Microsoft SQL Database

Harnessing the Power of Microsoft SQL provides a managed and relational database that can grow with your data storage needs. Microsoft SQL is a standard in retail environments. Modern software applications utilize features and stability of this popular database.

Product Features

Tracking Purchases

Items sales history is great to see how much you sold but also seeing what items sell with what other items, how many customer did I have, what is the basket size this year vs last can be insightful.


Purchasing form your supplier and keeping track of agreed upon deals is key to maintain profitability. Orders can be created using a mobile device or suggested orders based on sales history to replenish or by min and max space.


Keeping track of your orders and watching your cost and allowances that match your pricebook saves valuable money. Accurate quantity on hand in your store will make sure product is available and provides you with cost of goods hand.

Cashier Balancing

Shift reviews to make sure all monies are accounted for and posting over shorts balance your cashiers to the shifts sales. Track pay ins and pay outs, loans and pickups. Review cashier key performance indicators.

Safe Balance and GL Export

Collect your hard earned money! Safe balance and take your deposit to the bank. Review your Daily Reconciliation, Daily Summary and EOD Balance Reports. GL Export saves your totals for your Accounting saving you time and accuracy.