Over 100 New and Improved Features!

Intuitive Program Screens

  • New menu navigation is easy to use and easy to train. The new screens accommodate new users and advance configurations for power users.

  • Menu navigation helps training users in areas that may have a high turnover market with an app style functionality and guided approach. User security can be set to customize what can be seen and what can be changed.

  • Each users work station can have settings configured for their liking. User security can be set to customize what can be seen and what can be changed. Grid functions can also be arranged and set by users depending on their needed task.

Configurable Screen Sizes

  • Today’s computer monitors come in so many various sizes and resolutions that we enhanced the availably size and flexibility to accommodate customers choices even when running with multiple monitors.

  • When working on the weekly ads or large task and you need to quickly add a new item from a vendor that just arrived without stopping your current work, simply start a separate instance for S4 and when finished you can return to your prior work.

Easy to Use Item Maintenance

  • Partial text searches for looking up items by codes or descriptions.

  • Identify a subset of items for maintenance with the Item Filter and Sort Wizard.

  • Select the desired item attributes and insert columns for the layout desired.

Item Maintenance Grid

  • Export items from the grid to excel or csv for further manipulation or other data feeds.

  • Ability to print items from any grid combined with Filtering, Sorting and Column Layouts provide a quick custom report that can be designed by a customer.

  • Add User comments to any item to make notes for future remiders. User Tags to be able to locate items like a custom identifier like #GluttenFree or #LowCarb or Tag Seasonal Items.

Item Categorization

  • All fields have been increased to accommodate larger code structures and descriptions.

  • Look across Item Numbers and Item Codes to find an item usefull when searching from a Vendors order book.

  • Add User comments to any item to make notes for future remiders. User Tags to be able to locate items like a custom identifier like #GluttenFree or #LowCarb or Tag Seasonal Items.

  • Expanded Categorization fields and levels to organize your price book.

  • Keep track and maintain items for e-commerce synchronizations.

Item Stats

  • Quickly see an Items Selling velocity today.

  • See Amount sold today.

  • See Qty and Amount sold for a defined priod like a week, month or year.

  • See the Last Sold Date and Create Date, use full to find Zero moving items.

New Interface for all the ISS45 Promotions

  • Expanded Groups

  • Reward by Thresholds

  • Link by Department, Likecode or MixMatch

Improved Batch Maintenance

  • High Output Batch Activation and Deactivation

  • Simply activate and deactivate Item batches by right clicking on the record on the grid.

  • Link by Department, Likecode or MixMatch


  • Integrated sign and label functions now integrated in the S4 Back Office

  • Real-time synchronizing of e-commerce items in new,deleted and changed items

  • Shop you competition with Android or IPhone app to gather prices for multiple stores. When returning to the office updated your competitive price worksheet and compare and model your prices and effects to your competition.

Improved Inventory Maintenance

  • Review all past Inventory Counts, Receivers, Purchase Orders, Transfers and Adjustments

  • Ability to immediately adjust Quantity On Hand when receiving product

  • Ability to make cost changes at Receiving time from your vendor or report on discrepancies of agreed upon deals

  • Simply Post Receivers by right clicking on the record on the grid or from the Menu bar

  • Ability to link Cases, Cartons and Each sizes for combined common quantity on hand

  • Auto Replenish, Auto generate purchase orders to Vendors when stock volume is low.

  • Receive against the Purchase orders to make sure all stock is delivered.

  • Alpha Numeric Item Codes allow the ability to accept numeric and text values for the Item Code for ordering from select vendors.

  • Invoice Comment Field provides you with user comments to any notes for future reminders about the Invoice. User Tags to be able to locate items like a custom identifier like #CostChange or #PackageChange.

  • Worksheets are a list of Items to be counted for inventory control purposes generated by using categorization by Department, Vendor or Location as example. When performing your count you can select the worksheet to make user all items are accounted for. The advantage is having a complete control set of items to base your inventory counts off of.

Everything Mobile

  • New S4Mobile service allows you to be ready all the time with your Falconx3 or Skorpiox3. No longer do you need to start the FM application making trips to your back room to start a session. Up to 5 connections with Window7 or 8 and up to 16 connections with Windows Server as the OS for the back office.

  • Custom scripts enable you to focus your work to the task at hand.

  • New look up list for easy to find scripts that can be reused by others.

  • Ability to print to any connected printer

  • New look up list for easy to find scripts that can be reused by others.

New Data Logic Axist

  • Android based mobile scanning device now certified with the S4 Back Office

  • Scan Imager for all modern barcodes

  • Ability to run S4 Mobile Back Office features AND S4Vision

  • Ability run remote desktop to access ALL features of your Back Office remotely

  • Other Android apps that are appropriate for retail.

New Mass Change

  • Filter Wizard for building the data set

  • Excel Like grid for changes

  • Batch creation for applying changes and providing undo plus database snapshot to restore.

Best in Class Platforms

  • Microsoft SQL database - Larger, Better, Faster, Stronger

  • The Microsoft SQL database is the default database in the Grocery market and is a proven work horse. All of the S4 Enterprise products for 15 years have used this platform and Instore applications are seeing great benefits and features that we are discussing because of this platform. Being that MSSQL is a managed database it means that it was build for multi user clients and can better handle your demands.

  • Support for current Microsoft Windows versions, Including Windows 10 pro and Windows Server platforms

  • Support for 32 and 64 bit OS's

  • Microsoft Express Database size default is 10G which is 7x more that the current S4 Back Office.

  • Other Microsoft SQL versions are available for larger data needs and more robust features.


  • High output importing and activation

  • Mapping utility for reusable excel type imports.

  • Import templates for Vendors with prompting

  • S4 Generic spreadsheets for adhock style importing

  • Support for all Major warehouses suppliers

  • New S4 GL Export for common business totals

  • Backwards compatibility with dproc and dmprt routines

  • SQL Query tool

  • SQL Import and Export

  • Auto Backup Routines

Scale Management

  • Direct Integration with Ishida scales thru SLPV-5

  • Limited PLUM interface, more features coming soon.

  • Limited ADC interface, more features coming soon.

Financial Balancing

  • New Shift and Safe Balancing

  • Existing Balancing forms still supported

Cloud based License with no Hardware Key

  • S4License Service is a S4Cloud based service that connects to you Back Office for its application credentials. No longer is a hardware USB or parallel key needed for S4 to run.

  • Provides options for software as a service and trial editions.

Best-of-class Analysis & Reporting platform

  • New ingratiated Reporting

  • Transaction Reporting

  • Faster reporting

  • New selection wizards

  • PDF/Excel/Custom exports

  • Email and Scheduling

Sales Reports

  • Consolidated Profitability

  • Category Sales Summary/Detail

  • Department Sales Composite and Comparisons

  • Coupon & Discount Summary

  • Promotion Summary

Sales Trend Reports

  • Sales by Day part / Hour / 15 Minute / Minute

  • Lane Activity

  • 13 Week Trend

  • Customer Visits

  • Slow Movers

  • Top and Bottom N Sales

  • Top Ranking Sales Segments

  • Top N Ticket Analysis

Tender Reports

  • Method of Payment

  • Card Type by Cashier

Time of Day Reports

  • Hourly Activity

Market Basket Reports

  • Item Market Basket

  • Department Item Basket

  • Ticket Analysis

Loss Prevention Reports

  • Cashier Analysis

  • Cashier Statistics

  • Open Department

  • Cashier by Department Sales heat map deviation

Inventory Reports

  • Purchases / Receiving

  • Inventory Variance

  • Cost of Goods

  • Quantity On Hand

Financial Reports

  • Daily Reconciliation

  • Daily Summary

  • General Ledger Export

  • End of day Balancing Recap

Batch Reports

  • Batch List

  • Batch List with Detail

  • Batch Item Markdown

  • Batch Department Markdown

  • Batch Activation/Deactivate by day

Audit Reports

  • PLU Change

  • Increases and Decreases

  • User Activity

Tight Role-based Security

  • Read only fields by user

  • Not visible fields by user

  • User Activity

New S4Vision Integrations

  • Coming soon!

Electronic Journal Ticket Search

  • Coming soon!

New Help System

  • Coming soon!