Shelf Image

  • Prints shelf labels, sales signs, shelf talkers, and store signs
  • Ability to print nutritional information tags and recipes
  • Integrated to the S4 item and batch files
  • Drag & drop designing tool for signs & tags
  • Supports all bar code types, S4 data fields, and Windows True Type fonts
  • Supports competitive comparative price signs with savings
  • Like code based tag & sign printing
  • Supplemental database for SI specific fields
  • Unit of Measure standardization table
  • Uses the windows print drivers for each printer model
  • Ability to uses any Windows printer
  • Supports In-Aisle printing of labels
  • Allows immediate print from within S4 item maintenance
  • Interfaced to both in store S4V6 and S4 Multistore
  • Ability to print sets of labels and talkers for multi-store support
  • Connectivity wtih Electronic Shelf Labels
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e-Commerce Export

  • Keep your pricing, sales and promotions in sync with your e-Commerce partner
  • realtime updates sent on item changes
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